Hosted VoIP is an ideal solution for small offices on a budget, mobile users and companies who want to rely less on IT for support. 

  1. Month-over-Month Cost Savings
    Businesses can realize initial and long-term savings with VoIP.  Hosted VoIP reduces overall cost-of-ownership, specifically with regard to hardware expenses because there’s no PBX equipment to buy or lease. Most business Hosted VoIP packages come with unlimited nationwide calling. Employees can call one another for free (even if they are calling another office long distance). The result of using a VoIP cloud phone system is dramatic savings in long-distance costs.
  2. Mobility
    Hosted Voice and Unified Messaging mobility features allow employees to use their Business VoIP number to make or receive calls on their smartphones, tablets, or desktop PCs. They can also quickly change call routing using an easy-to-use web portal. With Hosted Voice mobility features, calls appear to originate from your VoIP number and all of your calls are routed through your Hosted Voice interface. This way, employees can take advantage of unlimited long-distance calling through the virtual phone system while working remotely, thus directly reducing costs.
  3. Less Reliance on IT
    Simply put, Hosted VoIP is easier and cheaper to manage and support, in part because the Hosted VoIP service and its features reside in the cloud. Hosted VoIP eliminates the need to maintain PBX hardware. No more re-wiring the telephone closet for moves, adds, or changes. By consolidating internet phone service for all your locations with a single provider, you also avoid managing multiple phone companies. Users can manage VoIP service and call routing themselves via an easy-to-use web interface. Plus, a voice administrator can manage users, pay invoices, access support, and purchase and manage internet phone services via an online portal virtually from any location or device.
  4. Improved Productivity
    Hosted Voice and Unified Communications simplify collaboration within and between offices, increase efficiency, and simplify how employees manage their communications. Hosted Voice and UC deliver productivity-enhancing features. Take Visual Voicemail with Transcription as an example. This feature delivers the transcribed text of a voicemail to your email inbox. With it, employees can multi-task: they can read and respond to virtual voicemails while attending a meeting or another call, without taking time to listen through the audio recordings of message after message. Employees can also host and record conference calls using desktop and mobile clients for improved collaboration. Hosted Voice and UC integrate and consolidate modes of communication to simplify and streamline interactions. With less time spent managing PBX system communication, people have more time to focus on tasks that contribute to your business goals.

If you would like more information about hosted products and services let us give you options that make sense for your business.

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